LeRoy Eims on the importance of Scripture memory: "I think two of the master strokes of the devil have been to convince people he doesn't exist, and that Scripture memory is only for children. He remembers the humility of defeat when Jesus Christ, who was tempted in all points like as we are, met him with the Word of God." (What Every Christian Should Know About Growing; p. 26-27)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

James 1:1

Well, it's not Monday, but today we're starting new!

Start off today by reviewing the book of Titus (because it's Tuesday).

Today we're going to start the book of James.  Now, before you panic, don't think of it as learning an entire book.  Just think of it that our next chapter we're tackling is James 1.  Once James 1 is totally secure, we'll move on to our next chapter which will just so happen to be James 2.  Don't think of it as the entire book, because that can be overwhelming.  Try it and see!  We won't go too fast, but if you need more time, just let me know and we can add in a few extra review days as needed.

I am going to be posting two versions - ESV and NIV (1984).  I have always previously memorized the NIV, but I am leaning towards switching to the ESV for myself because it is a more accurate literal translation, yet still maintains readability. If any of you that are following use a different translation and would like me to add that in, please let me know.  Obviously you are free to memorize whichever translation you like.

Here we go!

NIV 1984

James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ,
To the twelve tribes scattered among the nations:


James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ,
To the twelve tribes in the Dispersion:

This James is the half-brother of Jesus and he is writing to the Jews, wherever they may be living.

Read this verse aloud several times.  Then try doing it from memory.  If you can't, go back to reading it aloud several more times.  Rinse and repeat.  There's no magic to this.  Just repetition.  Reading aloud will help!

God bless you as you store His Word in your heart.

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